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I’m a visual-art fanatic. I love seeing a well-made expression of form and light in a piece of art. I love it when a picture sings.

I’m also a fanatic for the look of the real world and especially the look of our area, the Pacific Northwest (i.e. Cascadia).

Combine the two and you have Cascadia Art Prints – digital paintings inspired by our West Coast environment and reproduced on cover-weight paper, board and canvas for display in your home or office.

Welcome! Take a look around. Post and share anything you want. Let’s stay connected on this amazing journey of life.

. . . . . .

I use my own photos as reference but many of my images are based on the work of some of this region’s best photographers. 

I used to paint with actual paints but transitioned to digital painting years ago in order to capitalize on its advantages.

I sell prints instead of originals because there is no 'original' in digital painting and modern technology allows me to print images on demand with no loss in quality and at a lower price.

Please look over my offerings and make an order if you wish.

If you like an image but want it in a different size or medium then please email me about that and we may be able to make it happen.

Have a good day!